Mantras and affirmations

I’ve chosen mantras and affirmations as my subject for the 100-day-project this year. I asked friends and collegues to tell me their mantras. And the amount of interesting affirmations was intense. By now I got more than 150 different mantras. Of course some of them doubled or tippled like: This too shall pass or: Everything is figuroutable or Follow the flow

And by doing this I started to find a new love or should I say obsession?
Art journaling.
I started to draw and paint and mix media and trying out new techniques and all the mantras helped me to stay on track. This is so much fun. I never want to stop again. you see some of the mantras and affirmations I did do far.

I’m now planning to have 10 of these images printed on sustainable paper and with soy colors. This has always been a dream of mine and now I’m going to do this!. Yes!